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Lisa Scannell
, bassist from Florida, USA, studied at the Musician's Institute in Hollywood, California and Berklee College of Music in Boston, Massachusetts. She worked as a bassist at Walt Disney World as well as various top 40, rock, reggae, jazz, big band and salsa bands and musicals. She accompanied singers and new formations of groups such as The Platters, The Drifters, The Coasters, Gene Chandler and Spencer Davis.

Living in Switzerland since 1994, Lisa currently works and records with various professional bands and does studio jobs. She accompanied the Jacksons (4 brothers of the Jackson 5), Mick Hucknall (Simply Red), Donna Summer, Nelly Furtado, Tom Odell, Hurts, Loreen, Leona Lewis, James Gruntz, Marc Sway, Seven, Daniel Powter, Dionne Bromfield and Katherine Jenkins, among others, at Art on Ice in 2009 - 2016 with the Art on Ice Band, and backed up Chi Coltrane for a series of concerts in Europe in 2012/2013.

Current bands include Bo Katzman & the Cat Pack, Christoph Walter, Exciting Jazz Crew, Frank Tender Band, Gary Scott Band, Nelly Patty Band and Nikki Forova.

She has also played with Chris & Mike, Wilhelm Toll, Soul Survivor, Contrast Family, Yvonne Moore, Richard Broadnax, Bonnie Jeanne Taylor and J.J. salsa/merengue band, as well as other funk, rock, blues, salsa, gospel, jazz and big band formations. She has subbed with the Black'n'Blond Banana Boat Late Night Show band, Funky Brotherhood, ETH Big Band, Zürich Jazz Orchestra, John Brack Band, Dani Kalt, the musical "Garry's Nine" (VoiceSteps, Zug) and more.


With the Bo Katzman Chor:
Voices of Paradise (1998), Heaven & Earth (1999), Betlehem (2000), Spirit of Joy (2001), Mystery Moon (2002), The Gospel Book (2003), Heaven's Gate (2004), Symphony of Life (2005), Gospel Road (2006), Soul River (2007), Gospel Visions (2008), Gospel Locomotion (2009), Winter Nights (2010), Land of Dreams (2011), Glory Day (2012), Neue Ufer (2013).

With Chris & Mike:
Nightlive (2006/07) (live CD and live DVD), These are the Days (2009), These are the Days - live (2010) (live CD and live DVD), Pianopopuläär (2014)

With Frank Tender:
Frank Tender Band: The Groove of the 50’s & 60’s (2001), There’s Always your Love (single), King Size (2007)

With Richard Broadnax:
Save a Moment for Me (1998), Gospel Joy & Blues (2001)

A sampling of various studio jobs:
SwissTop (Schweizer Radio DRS) (1994/95)
Alive: New Chance (2004)
Brass of Praise: Connect (2007)